Sunday, April 25, 2010


Was nominated by friend to be on CLEO Magazine 50 Most Eligible Bachelors for year 2010. And i was so lucky to be on the cover. Woot Woot !! lol But the me on the cover doesnt look like myself. haha, the picture inside it more like me. I look super pretty on the cover. lol Photoshop too much I guess.

This is me, bachelor #44 Harick. This fake credit card thingy made by Alliance Bank for us to distribute to the girls during the Speed date event. It's so funny to see my own face on the credit card (made of paper la) and you cant use it because there is no credit in it. Haha.

There was series of activities going on for this competition. Speed Dating with 45 readers at Laundry Bar, e@Curve. Then some dance practise for the finale. Come to watch me dance on 30th April 2010, Zouk Club KL, 7pm onwards.

My friend made up a fan page for me too, hahaha. Check it out !! lol!/pages/CLEO-Most-Eligible-Bachelor10-HARICK-NG44/109232282433332?ref=ts

It's a bit too late to post this up and get you all to vote for me. But later better than never lol Voting for main title ends 23rd April 2010. For subsidiary titles, it ends tomorrow 26th April 2010. So you still able to vote lol

Go to to vote. May the best bachelor wins :-)

Cheers !!!


  1. hey,
    i knew you'd be dancing!
    i just knew it!
    and you never told me anything!
    kantoi la youu!

  2. owh~ u guys gonna dance. great. cant wait to c it. pray hard tat i can get da passes on time to go! lolx!

    good luck!

  3. Murni, apa apa apa ? Tak dengar lol
    Nana, hahaha good luck to you too. Thank you.

  4. Quote:
    "Then some dance practise for the finale"
    Haha Harick!

  5. awesome!

    d crowd just went crazy over da dance! made me so wana jump onstage n dance along. gaga. deh's one gal deh almost flung my cellphone while i was recording. lolx!