Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Gorgeous ???

Hello peeps. me, Harick is selected as 1 of the 50 Gorgeous People 2009 by female Magazine - Malaysia's Leading Fashion & Beauty Magazine.

Just take a second click on the link below http://www.femalemag.com.my/g50_profile4.php#31 , complete a slogan why you think Harick is gorgeous (hahaha) and vote for me (If you want), and I think anyone can vote, even though you are not in Malaysia.

You can also vote via SMS : Type in


I am number 31 guys :-) Each SMS cost RM1. Voting ends on 30th NOVEMBER 2009.

So you have a week to vote for me and get your friends to vote for me too :-) Just tell your friends about this hahaha

Thanks in advance guys. Appreciate it :-)

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Love This Turtle Conservation Video

Love this turtle conservation video by WWF. Please watch it and get your friends and family to watch it too. We don't have lots of turtles now, everyone must try to protect and save them. Or else out next generations won't have any turtles to see :-(