Friday, March 5, 2010

Fxxking Asshole Killed A Whale Shark in Anilao

Just watched this video on facebook. It was posted by a divers club in Hong Kong, it happened when they dived in Anilao, Philippines during CNY this year. They found a dying whale shark in the sea without all its fins and it was still alive. Since they don't want to see it struggle too long before it dies, they decided to push the poor whale shark to land and let it dies a bit faster.

In this video, you can clearly see how the wounds look like when those stupid asshole cut off the fins of the whale sharks. Same condition goes to the normal sharks. Once those people cut off their fins, they will just throw the shark back to the sea. Without fins, they cant swim, what they can do is - they follow the waves and lying on the coral or sand bottom waiting to DIE.

Since the whale shark is still alive, you can clearly see that it is still breathing, the eyes are moving and the tail is moving as well. It is like a human being cut off both hands and legs, and left there waiting to die. At least a human can moan, cry and ask for help. What can a whale shark do, NOTHING just wait and die. Just imagine youself being chopped off hands and legs, waiting to die. When you put yourself in this situation, for sure you will feel what the whale shark feels. :-( Watch this and you will know what I trying to say.

Please please please. Tell your friends and family or whoever you know, spread this videos out, posted it on your facebook / twitter / blog, NO SHARK FIN !!!! Don't consume shark fin. Help to create the awareness of public about shark hunting. No demands from us - human, there will be no shark fin hunting. Please please please !!!!

Go find a movie called SHARK WATER. You will understand more about shark fin hunting. Below is the trailer of SHARK WATER.