Thursday, February 25, 2010

Baby Finlay James Pigott

Baby Finlay James Pigott was borned on 1st Jan 2010 at New Zealand. Was helping Simon and Johanna to think of names when they were on Perhentian last year Sept. We gave them around 25names but after all they chose this Finlay as the first name, James as the middle name and well Pigott has to be the last name (even tho it doesnt sounds nice lol ).

Here is the only photo I have of Baby Finlay for now. I always smile when I see this photo. :-)

Loving the little mohawk, it must be done by the mum :P He is really really cute. Look like the mum, luckily not the dad hahaha

I am so excited to see Baby Fin soon and also baby Kai-Jin's sister, Kai-Ann. She is due in 3weeks times, how excited !!!!!!!