Sunday, April 19, 2009

Coming Soon

Yesterday was Sunday, went out to meet up with 2 of my shcoolmates, very old friends, like 16 years old being friends together. And we havent see each other for quite a while. Went for a nice lunch, a movie and also played bowling :-)

Before lunch, we went to queue up for a movie, had no idea what to watch, and I havent watch any movie for more than 4months. I suggested to watch horror movie and they agreed with that, so we queue up for a Thai horror movie "Coming Soon". There was only 1st row left just in front the screen and the rest are booked and also reserved. The girl said seat reserved will only release half and hour before the show starts. Went for lunch, had a long, nice chat about works, hows life lately, bla bla bla...Then we went back to the cinema to queue, the guy said 5more minutes before the seats release. OMG, we had to queue for one more time and then just before our turn, I mean when we queued for the 3rd time, the girl who served me earlier called me, "Coming Soon 3.40pm 3 persons right?", everyone there was looking at us and I said yes. We got the advantage to get the tickets 1st without queue up for longer time, how sweet was that !!! And I felt worth it to queue up for 3times to get those tickets because I love the movie. :-) I was sitting between someone I dunno on the left and a friend of mine on the right. It was so entertaining and amusing when I saw them both shocked by the scary scenes and they even jumped front a bit, I was laughing lots too. :-) After movie, we went for bowling for 4 games, it was 2 games at 1st then we added 1more and 1more, haha..

This movie is the 1st movie for the actreess who also a popular new singer in Thailand at the moment, her name is Punch !!! And she is quite pretty lol The storyline of "Coming Soon" begins with a guy who works in a cinema need some money to pay back some bad guys and to claim back his ex girlfriend's watch. The ex girlfriend's brother asks him to record down a movie and sell it to the bad guys so that they can make some pirated DVDs before the movie is shown on screen. The movie is called "Revenge of Spirit" and he plays the movie at one night and the brother films it in the cinema, sitting there alone watching and recording the movie using video camera. Suddenly the brother disappears and the main guy found out actually the brother is dead in the movie itself !!!! Then begins the story of him trying to find out what really happens. Go to the cinema and watch it !! There are some funny moments in the movie as well :-) Oh yeah, there are very sad moments as well :-( Here you go the trailer !!! It is not that scary tho the trailer lol

Baby Kai-Jin Was In Town !!!

Baby Kai-Jin was back in town with the parents - Peisee and Ronnie few days ago for a jab. He got fever a bit then had to delay the jab. Last time I saw him was about a month ago, and he grew up a lots :-) He is taller now but still cute !!! Snapped lots lots of photos with him and of him as well.. :-)

This is his 1st picture I took !! :-) How cute was that !!!


His favourite book for now !!! That's not my monster...

Fed him some biscuits and I asked him to pose lol

This is what I had for my dinner that night, Grilled Honey Mustard Chicken !! Niceeeee

This is Barbeque Beef Ribs !! Yummy !!!

He loves playing with ice now even tho it's a bit cold !!

With his mummy at the clinic !! There were so many kids there and he kept looking at them !!

With the dad, same case again, kept looking at other kids !! Look at his face !! :-D

He got attracted by other kids lol Cute right ???!!!

Thats all for his day 1 and 2 in town, stay tuned for more !! Got more on day 3 and 4 !!!

Playing Dead

Everybody gotta check out this video, about a dog playing dead and it looks so real. It is so funny !! I couldnt stop laughing !! :-)
My friend sent this link to me just now and I think I must share this to everyone, just watch this whenever you feel bored or down, it will cheer you up !! lol Enjoy !!