Thursday, May 14, 2009

Ozzie Souvenirs

Got some cool Ozzie souvenirs from my friends. May be they are nothing really special tho, but I love what my friends gave me because they are my friends lol I got some cool Ozzie Chocolate called Koala Do-Do and also Roo Pooh lol These poos taste nice tho hehehhe..Keychain and huge Ozzie T-shirt, it is XL !!! But for us Malaysian, it looks like XXL or even XXXL lol Check out the pictures of these cute souvenirs !!!

This is a very nicely done key chain !!!

Australia Mints !! I havent open it and try yet lol

This is the Roo Pooh, should taste nice !!

Koala D0-Do hehehe, I tried some and it was quite nice with peanut in it lol

This is my XL T-Shirt, Australian XL lol Huge right ???

Thank you guys, I love it !!! Buy more next time lol