Sunday, June 14, 2009

Mervyn's ???? Birthday !!!

Mervyn is my room mate when I was working on the island last time. He was an engineer and then he started to work for Bubbles after the 1st visit of him and his friends to Bubbles. He went to Bubbles in mid May 2007 with his bunch of friends, I only meet them on the last day before they left our beach as I was away for my graduation ceremony in Malacca with my family. After a week or so they left, I heard from Peisee (My BIG boss !! lol ) that : "Mervyn is coming back to work for us and he handed over his letter to his boss, he fired his boss !! " Then I asked her : "Who is Mervyn ? " She said : "You see him in July la !!" The July 2007 was here and I me him then, he shared the room with me and the chef, 3 of us in one room. He helped in diving and doing his Divemaster, in the restaurant serving and also handled the volunteers programme, stayed awake at night till 3 4am sometimes me did that too, and woke up early at 7 or 8am to work !! Crazy schedule for us tho lol We talked in the room before sleep sometimes about the day and so lol

He got his DM done and worked with us till the end of the season which was October. I stayed few times at his house during the monsoon season
as I was new to KL, he been driving me around and helped me lots !! Thanks Fei Jai 2 !! Story of Fei Jai 2 coming soon !! lol He didnt work for Bubbles last year and he chose to travel lots of places and spent his money, after the trip, he still got money, so he kept bumping around with working, oh no, he did work for 2months I guess lol He chooses to come back to Bubbles this year doing more diving and helping in the dive centre !!!

He came back to KL just before his birthday as his friend was getting married on his birthday !!! I not sure how drunk he was tho. Me and some friends we celebrated his ?? birthday on his birthday and he actually thought no one will know as the other friends are new friends for him (we met during the labour day weekend, there was 20 of them for the trip), me and Adele decided to surprise him and set up the birthday lunch for him with a nice cake !! Yum yum !!! Happy Birthday Merv !!! Anyway, you still look younger than me !!! Grrrrrr lol

Everyone favourite dish !! This was the second plate tho lol

Everyone seems like enjoyed themselves and the great food !!!

The girls kept posing lol May be only Mei couldnt stop !!! lol

During meals, dunno why Kevin's face was like that !! Did you smell something Kev ??

Surprise !!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU !!!!!

Cake cutting by Merv but Adele seems like she been waiting for it for sooooo long lol

Oppsss, almost finish the cake then we all remember that we forgot to take the picture of the cake we bought lol The HAPPY BIRTHDAY still can see lol

The birthday boy !!! May be not boy anymore !!! lol

Birthday "Boy" with the girls !!!

Birthday "Boy" with the boys !!!

I Am Back To Blogging

There have been lots of people asking me, "Harick, why you didnt update your blog ? ", "Harick, when you wanna update your blog ?" etc and my answer was "Sorry mate, busy recently with works and then lazy to update once got back home and tired !! Will update soon !! " Thats what I said to them like 2 weeks ago lol Now I am back to it YAY !!!

Back to Mid May which was last month, I was really busy with works, organised my 1st event ever, kinda like with lots of help from boss and friends. Update more later. Went for some movies with friends, celebrated Mervyn's ??? birthday (dont think he wants me to tell the age lol), went to Bubbles again, the second time in May lol, attended some parties like UOX Play Future (Steve Aoki, Stretch Armstrong, LAPSAP, TAG and so), went to Phuture with Arthur and friends and few more, got millions of picture and I think not only me is the camwhore, Arthur is the same lol

Stay tuned for my next post as I dont wanna make this post too long lol Next post tonight as well