Thursday, March 12, 2009

Trip Back Home

Bought the bus ticket at Duta Station, at a counter named Bandar Ekspres. It was 11.30am the bus ticket, been waiting there since 11am, stupid bus came at 12pm, ok nevermind !! May be traffic jammed !!
The bus company is Shamisha, plat number 9577, alphabet dun remember lol Why I tell you guys the plat number is because I took the same bus as last time trip back home before CNY !! That trip was horrible, aircond is not cold at all and I was sweating and trying to sleep in the bus. It took about 5hours to reach, so I got a bad impression about that bus. Who knows I had the same bus again this time !!! Grrrrr.. I was thinking "Ok, may be this trip will be better than last trip". After the long wait at the station, bus was here and I stepped into the bus and feel the aircond straight away, WOW, this time aircond is good man !!! Might need my jacket if it is too cold !! And ya, this bus is free-seated man, how come ?? Got myself a seat beside a Malay guy, or may Indonesian guy. Then I put on earphone and music, ready to get a nap.
The bus driver, there was only him, 1 driver in stead of 2 which is a norm for longer distance bus journey, dunno why there was only 1 !! Am not sure whether he is new or not or is it the bus problem itself, lots of problem. The trip took me more than 5 hours to reach home, normally the trip took only 4hours, 4 and half hour maximum. And it took about 2hours to go out from Selangor state !! He went to somewhere to drop someone which I dunno who is that, think he dropped that guy and Rawang town itself, bus normally didnt go there !!!
Then, I started sweating again !!! The aircond suddenly not cold anymore, STUPID !! And I been trying to sleep, I managed to get some sleep but not comfortable (I have no problem with sleeping, anytime and anywhere :-) Sleeping like a pig) OK, back to the story !! The trip was horrible anyway. We reached IPOH finally, the bus went to the Simpang Pulai bus station and dropped some people. There was a guy I am sure he is from China asked me about the distination in the bus before, he said he is meeting his friends in Ipoh and dunno which station he should go off, he told me when we had a break at the rest area which is at Tapah. He wanted me to tell him when reached Ipoh, so I was awake up from Tapah to Ipoh and told him when we reached Ipoh. The people left in the bus after Ipoh station normally are Foreign workers I think, they looks like Bangladeshy and also Indonesian for me !!
The interesting part is here !!! Drove out from the bus station, the driver suddenly stopped the bus in the middle of the road, there is 2 roads, 1 to go over the flyover and 1 underneath it !! He turned back, looked at us and asked "Anyone knows which to go into the highway ?" At that time, I was thinking in my head, "What the Fxxx, you dun even know the way???" I wasnt so sure about Ipoh so do other people, so he just go on based on his "experience", and hahahahaha, he losted his way, he was driving around a small town named Tambun, in a housing area looking for the way to the highway !! This is not a joke man !!! After 20 minutes I think, he managed to find the way and it started raining heavily !! Nice :-0
Another interesting part !! See how exciting was my bus journey everyone !! If you know Ipoh, you know we will pass the mountain area which normally all vehicles normally use low gear to drive thru it. This bus was so bad and I think it was because of the bus condition, it was overtaked by those 12 wheels lorry that carried petrol or something very heavy !!! How bad is that bus !!!!!!!!!! Cant believe it !!! OMG !!! That's why it took me so many hours to reach home and it was a tiring trip !!!
One last exciting and interesting part happened when I so near to the stop at my hometown. Bus normally will stop by the roadside which is 3minutes walk to my house. When we nearly there, I walked to the front with my bag and told the driver "Boss, please stop by the roadside in front !!" Things happened now, the bus side mirror hit on a small lorry that parked by the roadside. This is really what the Fxxk !!! I was standing near to the driver and witnessed the whole thing happened just like that, the broken mirror even hit the front mirror and shattered a bit !!! What driving skills he has man !!! How "amazing" was his skills ???
He stopped by the roadside and walked from the bus to check out the lorry. Me ?? Of course I walked home after those horrible incidents during the exiciting bus trip back home !!! Moral of the story, Dun take the Bandar express or Shamisha bus if you are going back to your hometown at Northern part !!!