Sunday, June 21, 2009

JUICE KL Grand Opening with Edison C

JUICE Kl Grand Opening was on 20th June 2009, Saturday at Bangsar, freaking lots of people came for the opening, waiting under the sun for hours !!!! Registration was so crazy, thanks to some medias that made my job a bit harder !!! You know who you are !!! Everyone there was crazy screaming "Edison, edison, edison" "Hou Leng Chai ah" which means very handsome !! Think there was about 800 people there outside the store. Crazy man !! Thumbs up for the security from avoiding anyone trying to go in when it was not their turn yet !! Thumbs up to our own crew - Streething for such a great event and everyone that assisted us in the process of preparing this MASSIVE event :-D Thanks guys !!! Here you go some photos of that day !! Night party pictures coming soon lol


This is how the crowd looks like when it was only 11am !! Crazy crowd later !!

Medias were waiting for the turn for the EXCLUSIVE interview with Edison Chen and partners !

This girl thumbs up, waiting under the sun for hours with this kind of outfits, trying to attract Edison's attraction lol Her make up was melting as well lol

Very Hong Kong style, Lion dance for store opening

Think they sponsered by Air Asia X lol Good performance tho

This is the crowd at 3pm when Edison was just about come out for the ribbon cutting ceremony, WOW WOW WOW man !!! See how big is the difference with the 11am picture earlier !!

Jolene Chin, emcee of the event !! Thanks Jolene !!

Edison from side !! I was standing behind him lol

This girl climb on someone or something just to get a picture of Edison !! Gosh

These kids kept screaming " 1,2,3 Edison" "1,2,3 Edison" "1,2,3 Sam Lee" lol

Sticking out his tongue lol

His smile !!

The lion dance and Edi !!

Excellent shot of Edi and Sam !!! Everyone is gonna be so jealous lol

With Lai Yean !! She said she prefer picture without flash oh

With Jolene, Mei Yan and Phoebe, some local celebs !!

Products at JUICE KL Store !!

With Joe Flizzow !!

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Fist 10 people that came in to buy the limited cap and MJ tee !!!

The crowd still waiting outside to stand a chance to buy the limited edition cap and MJ Tee !!! Poor them !!

All the best to JUICE KL Store !!!