Tuesday, April 7, 2009


阿桑乳癌病逝 歌迷痛哭:妳怎麼悄悄走了?
更新日期:2009/04/07 11:39 影劇中心/綜合報導


For those that dont understand Chinese, this post is about a Taiwanese singer named Ah Sang who is a very good singer, passed away yesterday because of breast cancer !! Hope she Rest In Peace !!

Day 'N' Nite

Love this song and the video, Day 'N' Nite by Kid Cudi vs Crookers. Love the imagination of him, love the part when he clicks the pen too !! :-) It is a very COOL video !!

Oh ya, I love his moves in the video too !! :-)

The Fast and The Bi Curious

This is so funny !!!

It Doesnt´t Mean You´re Gay, Just, Maybe Don´t Get Married LOL

Onitsuka Tiger - Zodiac Race

Check out this amazing animation, explaining how the 12 Zodiac animals determined their ranking / position in the Chinese Calendar. Or actually it was 13 animals competing for the position in the Zodiac Cycle, dont forget the CAT !!! A stupid cat !! Lol

This animation was posted about 2months ago, and I guess there are still lots of poeple dunno about it :-d Enjoy this cute and amazing animation !!

I Dunno !!

Dont say I dunno to everyone !!! Of course you can choose to say I dunno to people but not to everyone !! Sometimes when they ask you something that you SHOULD know, dont say I dunno 1st, what you must say is "Let me check for you. I will get back to you." A lots of people will definitely say I dunno staright away without thinking any futher. This is what I said as well when someone asked me thing today which I should know !! Just to let you all know dont simply answer I dunno to some questions that people ask you, think futher who are they and why they ask you. And this will make a difference !!!

This is what I learnt today !!! I learn to say "Let me check for you, I will get back to you !!"