Monday, June 15, 2009

Bowling Bowling Bowling

Went for a bowling sessions with these bunch of crazy people lol Everyone had lots of fun tho even though we had to wait for about half and hour to change to other lanes as the lanes we had earlier sucks !!!

Me tried to bowl but no that good that night lol

Raymond said :"I told you !!! I will get a strike lol "

Picture time while we were waiting for our turn lol

Who took this huh ?

Were we arguing about something ? About who was better ? Look carefully, the pregnant Adele played bowling also leh lol

Should come out for more bowling soon !!! I miss you all :-(

Push Pop Candy

Bought this from Giant Supermarket last month, so long time didnt eat this, Push Pop Candy. Love this orange flavour one !!!

Reminds me of childhood ate lots of this until I have no nice teeth lol