Monday, March 16, 2009

My Trip at Bubbles Dive Resort

Went back to Bubbles two weeks ago, it is located at Perhentian Island and it is definitely the best beach in Perhentian Island. I believe that lots of people will agree with me if they went there before :-D

Used to work there for 2years plus and I really enjoyed the time being there. This trip is just to visit my exbosses, some friends there and also cute cute baby Kai-Jin. He is the son for my exbosses and he is nearly 9months old now. I was with them when this cute little BB was borned.

He is super duper cute !!! See !! Am I right ??!!!

How cute is that !!!

Some quality times with him !!!

Perhentian Island was having (during my visit) the high tide in the noon start from 4pm and low tide is midnight till noon !! See how big is the difference !!

High Tide Low Tide

Super Low Tide and you can see the tide line tho !!

Some beautiful scenery of Bubbles beach !!!

And I think the turtles come early for this season !! The part of the beach being dug by her !! Couldnt found any tracks because the tide was high and night and think the tracks been washed up !!

I got sunburnt as well, fall asleep under the sun at 1pm for 1 hour, luckily covered my face with towel, but some part of my body get burnt and some not, look !!! How weird is that ??!! Am not sure is that lucky or not lol And I am peeling like a snake now !!! Still !!

3days 2 nights is a too short trip for me and I will go back more often to visit !!!


There is a street dog gave birth to 8 puppies just in front my house. It happened few days before I went back hometown. Dad built a shelther kinda stuff in front the house as a store but without doors or walls, it is just to put his used construction stuffs.
Mum told me 2 of the puppies died few days they were borned, it was raining lots and she assumed that is the reason they died, because of cold. Mum moved those puppies to somewhere higher and put some cardbord underneath them so that they are not too cold. How nice is that ! :-)
When I came back to KL, those puppies still havent open their eyes yet, they are so cute and I think there is 3 black colour puppies and 3 brown colours one, the mum is brown colour which mean the dad of those puppies is possibly a black dog ??!!!

Snapped some shots of those cute puppies !! Mum said may be she wants to get 1 more dog to put at the front part of the house, as Doggies is at the backyard. Which 1 do you think my Mum should take ?? Hmmm..