Sunday, March 22, 2009


Hmmm..Was thinking what to write and what kind of things I want to update on my blog.
Should I update something from my past ? Something about what I am doing now ? Something about diving ? About some funny things happened to me ? Or something else ????
Let me really think about it and try to update you all..
Just dunno what to do now so I just write some shit !! Hehehe..

Diving Dance !!!

This is the diving dance created by me and some volunteers from the Turtle Conservation Project. They filmed it when we were doing those funny diving move and applied it on the song then it became dance move and we called it diving dance. Let me tell you the history of this diving dance !!

We started it on April 2007 which the group of all girls volunteers, how cool was that :-D They are all passionate about diving and we did the diving dance at Long Beach when we went there for partying for a night !! We jsut randomly come out with some dance moves which are the skills that we practised underwater. It was quite messy at first but then we figured it out and make it more proper dance moves. Since then, I have been teaching other volunteers about it !!!

This was filmed by Hollie in August 2007 and it was really cool. My friends that involed in this video is from the left to right, Natalie, Mervyn, Philippa (standing), Me, Claire and Ridz. The dance move starts with Fin Pivot.. Clear the mask.. Equalize.. Howering.. Finning.. Danger, Problem, Ahhhhh, Shark.. Are you Ok ? I am Ok.. The song that played with this dance move is a song called "Hey Boy", cant remember sang by who tho lol When you watch this video, just turn on the volumed as the music is not that loud in the video. Enjoy !!! :-) It was really a good laugh !!