Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Hey Peeps !!

Sorry peeps, I was so busy after the adidas Fashion Show at Midvalley (Even tho wasnt organised by us), because I didnt slept enough for the past few days and I am not feeling so well, coughing still. Grrrrr !!!! Been in the Nike Fashion Show which was great experience for me, Australian friends were here as well, brought them here and there, been to some party as well like the Heineken event etc, so tired. Will update my last week activites soon, because I am going off to Bubbles tomorrow night, which is thursday night. It is labour day on friday which is the public holiday and Bubbles is fully booked since 2months ago, there will be lots of snorkelers and divers there, and I am going back to help them for this crazy holiday. It will be kind of holiday on the beach with sunshine, get some tan back lol and also working at the same time, bring people out for snorkeling and diving. Hope it will be great fun !! :-)

Sorry to those peeps that I havent wish HAPPY BIRTHDAY or HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY, was too busy lately. Will be on facebook and reply you all when I come back from the lvovely beach lol Will update you all peeps when I get back from my beach working holidays ??!!! LOL See ya next week. Enjoy your labour day holidays !! :-)