Wednesday, March 25, 2009

What's Wrong With Me Now ???!!!!

I dunno what happened to me recently, I seem like losing my focus on work and sleep late like 3am almost every night. What thing is in my head ?? What What What ?? Is it the city life not suitable for me ? Is it too many temptations here ? Am I thinking too much ? Am I missing someone ? Am I missing the island life ?

One of my friend told me that I seem lost now, out of focus on work and dont have a good memory as I was last time !!! I appreacite those advises, but I think I lost tho. I always dunno what I really want and I normally dont think much about what I want to do !!! It happened a lots when I worked at the island, they asked me what I want to do during the 4months of monsoon season, My answer always the same, "Errrrr, dunno !!" Am I being lazy now ? Too comfortable ? I have no idea man !!! What should I do now ??!!! :-(