Monday, May 4, 2009

Nike "Summerdelic" Fashion Show Part 1

Two days after the adidas Fashion Show at Mid Valley, it was Nike "Summerdelic"Fashion Show on the 24th April 2009. The day before the show was the rehearsal, went to the Cititel Hotel for the fitting and then waited for the rehearsal. We started the rehearsal around 11pm because at that time shopping mall closed and there will be less people in the mall. Who know actually there were quite lots of people there, I guess they were going to watch movie lol

Stylist told us what to do, bla bla bla, he told us to do whatever we want to do on stage, be cool or be cheerful just whatever. It was my first time walking on such a big stage, it was my first walk in a fashion show. Nike people just want me to be in the show and I was like ok I will try. :-) My rehearsal was quite bad at 1st but after walked two more times it gets better. hahaha

Reached Mid Valley around 5pm for the make up on the second day, soooo nervous !!! These are some pictures from the Summerdelic fashion show !!! I got them from Nike people, it was from the photgraphers they hired for the event, credit for them !! :-) Too many pictures so I will post them in few posts lol

Everyone participated in the show !!

Nice backdrop !!! Colourful..

You can see all these art works in Newman Magazine April issue !!

We Love Fashion at MidValley Megamall !!

The Entrance !! Nice right ??

The wrist tag

Free Flow during the event lol

Interesting finger food !! Yum yum

Stay tuned for more pictures of the fashion show !!!

I am back !!!

Hey guys, I am back to KL on sunday night after a great weekend at Bubbles Dive Resort, Perhentian Island. Went back to help out for the busy weekend, brought people out for snorkeling and water confidence, did a dive only because it was so busy for the dive centre, stayed awake at night till 5am for the turtle watch, there was 2 turtles that came up and down for many times, so the whole beach is full with their tracks lol Met some friends and some new friends and we all had a great time, playing volleyball in the rain and at dark till 7.30pm, cant really see the ball tho lol Enjoy playing a card games name "Yaniv" and "Chor Tai Dee" till late and had lots of fun !!! And I got to play with baby Kai-Jin for 2 days as well, miss him now :-( He is so cute now !!! Was stucked in the traffic jam as well for hours but I fall asleep because it wasnt me driving lol Wait for my next post !!! Check out what I did after the adidas fashion show at Mid Valley :-)