Sunday, March 15, 2009

My Pet Dog - Poppie

I have a dog at home, which everyone treats it as a him, like a little brother, I will use the word 'his' to describe my dog in stead of 'it'. :-D His name is Poppie, a normal street but he is different from other street dogs, he is so special because he got 3 colours on his body, which is black, brown and also white. Am not sure how many male dogs his mum (I mean his real mum which is a dog) mated with to get him :-D

We keep it as a pet when he was about a week old, he is our second dog, had a dog named Doggie before, for about a year, it was killed by the dad (We believe that the male dog is the dad for Poppie because Poppie looks alike him and got the fur as the dad, kind like fluffy !!). Mum let Doggie out for walk one day in the afternoon, and he was running here and there, at that time Poppie was few days old that time tho.

Then, he suddenly saw Poppie's dad and he was just being stupid and went to annoy Poppie's dad, I witnessed it as I was waiting for bus to go for school, I told Doggie "Go back home Doggie, go !! " He kept barking at the dad and suddenly the dad bited him on Doggie's nose and he was gone since then !!! Sniff sniff !! Sister was really sad about that because she was in morning school and that time, when she got back from school she cried so hard and dad brought her to bury Doggies somewhere !! I was crying too and the school bus was there and I have to go to school. :-(

After few days, sister kept telling Mum to get a new dog for her, we visited those bunch of puppies at neighbours house a lots and Mum asked them for a dog which is Poppie now :-D Poppie is 10 years old this year, he is such a crazy and stupid dog, taught him many times 'Sit ', Shake hands and etc and he didnt get any !! We enjoyed the time of Poppie being stupid and it was so funny !!

Meet my lil brother, Poppie !!

This is the tail !! 3 colours man !!

Hi everyone !! I am Poppie !!