Friday, April 10, 2009

A Nice Shirt From Bangkok

My boss just came back from Bangkok and he got me and my colleugue some gifts !! I got this cool shirt. Check it out !!

Playing Cards

I got some very interesting playing cards !! For me they are very interesting and nice, may be not for everyone tho lol

This set of playing cards, my friend got me from Australia, she sent a parcel to me (Thanks hun) when she was travelling there and she is still there now, it has been more than a year and she gonna stays there till end of this year. She might extend for longer time tho lol Am I right Claire ??? :P

This set is super duper COOL !! It can GLOW-IN-THE-DARK !!! :-) and also waterproof !! My mate Gareth, he left it for me because I love it so much !! And it really glows in the dark after you put all the cards under a bright light for 5-10minutes, after that turn off the lights and you can play poker in the dark with amazing glowing playing cards :-D Thank you so much mate !!

While this set of cards is so colourful and interesting !! Every cards got different kinds of marine life, like clownfish, turtle, corals, snappers, shark, nudibranch etc..54 interesting cards with 54 different kind of marine life, 2 of those cards are poker. Sent by my mate, Chris from Australia as well when he was travelling there for months, thank you matey !!

Which one you prefer ?? I love them all tho.. LOL