Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Word "FXXK"

First, I am not being rude to everyone that read this post. MSN with friend just now, and he sent me you tube link, he said it is funny !! Have no idea what that link about !!

But it is definitely hilarious, not being racist as well tho, the guy in the video sounds so funny , his voice is brilliant !! May be you have to pay more attention to what he is talking about. And those sentences in the video, I bet we heard about them lots from many people's mouth if they using the word of "Fxxk", it is worth it to watch it tho and listen to it how the guy classified the the usage of that word. And you also can check whether you use that word in the right way ??!!! I laughed so much when I watched it, hope you the same too !! lol