Monday, April 20, 2009

Aussie & French Mate !!!

Suddenly go through my hard disc and saw all these videos from last year, so I decided to write a post on this !! :-)

Met these few people last year in July when I was working at Bubbles Dive Resort, Perhentian Island, Malaysia. They were the tourists and I was the man to take care of them :-) Dave, Phil and Nick they are from Geelong, Australia, had no idea where the hell is that when I met them. Geelong is the second largest city in the state of Victoria, Australia. And it is also the 12th largest city in Australia. They were having a holiday in Malaysia as Nick' aunt stays in KL. While the other person are Sophie and Stanislas, they were from Paris, France and they are siblings, elder sister and younger brother. At 1st, I thought they were couple, but they were not lol We all had a nice time together and did lots of stupid stuffs like playing with the hermit crabs while we were so bored waiting for turtles to come up and lay eggs. The aussie always said : "G'day mate !! " LOL

That night, Dave brought out a bottle of alcohol, which is Jagermeister. We mixed that with Red Bull that makes it a cocktail drink called Jagerbomb. Interesting huh ? I had no idea as well what is that Jagermeister was. Actually, it is a product from Germany, Jager means Hunter and Meister means Master. It was orignally marketed as a medicinal product which helps to cure coughing or digestive problems. WOW !!! And it is also commonly used in small quatities at home as an insect trap because flies and wasps are drwan to it !! HUH ??? Really ??? Anyway, it consists of 35% of alcohol, dark brown in colour, best to drink with Red Bull. It tastes a bit bitter but it is nice, I kinda like it Lol

We drank a bit and everyone is kinda like sober then Dave suddenly got a hermit crab while we were doing the beach walk, checking for turtles. Actually the beach got a lots of them around. We brought it back and then started playing with it. I got lots of videos and I upload some here Lol We have the hermit crab fashion show, race (with another 3 hermit crabs we got after that), hermit crab surfing ??? , and Dave even tried to lick the hermit crab, well may be not tried, he did actually lol Check all those videos out !! :-)

Dave licked the hermit crab !! Gross !!!

Hermit Crab Fashion Show represented Giorgio Armani (as what Dave said) with Dave did the background music lol

Another Fashion Show !! LOL

Dave wanted it to surf so bad !! :P

Dave was the worst host ever, he said "This programme is brought to you by Jagermeister." Wahahahaha....

This video is so cool, see how the hermit crab came out and got back in its shell..COOL !!!

I still remembered we had 4 hermit crabs, named Sleepy (Coz it didnt move much Lol), Hermmes, Biggy and Whity I think ?? So funny !!!

Sleepy was moving, finally !! ;-)

We all had a great night, great laugh, and I will never do this again, I am not sure is this animal abusing or not, they all still alive of course. See ya on the beach, hermits !! Hope Dave, Phil, Nick, Sophie and Stanislas are fine too, take care you guys !!