Friday, April 17, 2009

Manta Ray !!

Saw my 1st Manta Ray like two years ago when I was diving in Thailand, cant really remember it was Hin Daeng or Hin Muang, anyway, it is a very famous dive site which visited by lots of divers from all over the world. It was situated in the middle of the sea and you hardly get there the small boat, you have to use the huge boat which we called it Liveonboard (LOB). The LOB normally has the facilities like kitchen, toilet, diving platform and gear up section, some better LOB will have some rooms in it as well with airconditioning.

Manta Ray is very gentle even though they are huge, they feed on plankton and they are the only species of Rays without the sting on the tail, they are different with the sting rays that killed Steve Irwin. We called them gentle giant because they are huge but they are gentle lol They can reach few metres in length and few metres in width tho. Watch this video taken by me when I still newly introduce to underwater photography and videography. The Manta Ray was about 5metres long !!! Nice man !!!