Saturday, April 11, 2009


Went supermarketing today with friends. And this cute little girl, Michelle.

This is what I shopped today :-)

The cute face after some ice-cream !! :-D

Harick ko ko, this is two right ??

This is ???


Bought some flowers and vegetables seed the other day in the supermarket. And get some soil and started to plant something.

This is the plastic wtih holes.

Fold it like this !!

These are the packets of seeds to be put in the soil.


Label every plastic if you wanna know what kind of seed you put in !! :-)

This is the result after 4days - Sunflower seed !!

Taiwan Trip Modeling Experience

Early January this year, I went to Taiwan for a magazine phototshooting. I was the male model for a Malaysia wedding magazine, "My Wedding". Went there for 8days which is great experience for me !! :-D And I felt so lucky to be chosen as the model for the magazine :-) I am very very new in this industry and doing it as a part time thingy, this Taiwan trip was my 2nd magazine shooting experience, 1st one was for a hair styling section in this wedding magazine as well which is a month before this Taiwan trip. I was in a TV Commercial shoot for F & N Condense Milk before in Mac 2008. That's all my experiences in this industry so far !! :-D Oh yeah, and I had shooting in music videos, for 2 local singers which I think not really anyone know LOL

Went to TaiChung and Taipei for the photoshooting. There was 9 of us from Malaysia and we were invited by Tourism Taiwan for the shooting which they hope with this trip, we able to help them to promote some beautiful destinations in Taiwan. So everything is included, flight, food, accomodation etc..Food and accomodation are amazing, we were treated like kings and queens tho :-) Unbelieveable !!! Will post my Taiwan trip's photos soon tho. Now some photos from the photoshoot :-) So, I married with this Russian girl, Valentina for a week then we divorced LOL Taiwan is a very beautiful place !!! Love it !!

Baby Turtle

Recorded this video of the baby Green turtles with my phone, so the quality is not so good !! I wish I have a camera with me at that time :-( This happened around 6pm on the 7th October last year at Bubbles Dive Resort, Perhentian Island. I expected a turtle nest is gonna hatch that night, so I kept checking the nest like every hour (Checking them frequently as we dont want to miss any of them, they are so cute !! We count every single nest how many babies are there as we can !!) Suddenly I found out that some baby turtles were so close to the sand surface and moving a bit. Without hesitated, I grabbed my phone to record the amazing moment. But it was too early for those babies to enter the sea as they were still lots of predators in the sea. That time was the time for those predators hunt before they went to "sleep". I kept them in a water bucket with sea water before released them into the sea at night. Check out this amazing small creature !!

When I 1st saw it !!

More movements in this video !!

When we released them at night !!

We used some very dim light like handphone light or dim torchlight to guide them into the sea, they were so attracted to lights so at that time, we closed all the lights at the resort and also restaurants, and we only use 2 or 3 dim light to guide them to the sea.