Sunday, May 10, 2009

More On My Labour Day Weekend !!!

3days 2nights passed so quick..Time to go back to KL..Definitely some photo sessions with my cute Ah B la..See you next month Ah B for your birthday !!!!

Pictures of me and my Ah B - Kai-Jin

Kenneth with Ah B

Me with Ah B in his playground lol

Some pictures of the very cute Kai-Jin !!!

Picture with some crazy people I met during the trip, there was 19 of them and I knew 2 of them before this trip, Kevin the guy a the left and his wife, Adele the pregnant one under my armpit lol Some are not in this picture, really cool and crazy people..Nice to know you guys lol

Follow Amos back to KL as he said Kuala Terengganu was nice to drive and shorter time as he said when he came from KL, but I heard people said this way is a lots longer and futher. But I chose to follow them and stop at Kuala Terengganu for lunch. It was intersting ride back KL. He loved overtake other cars whenever he got chance to do so lol

A place names "Mangkuk" lol Means bowl in English and in Malay people use to say someone have no brain, stupid like a empty bowl... lol

Coastal highway view !!

The beautiful coastal highway !!!

You can see in front was raining so heavily, it was coming towards us...Arrrr

It was so jammed at the Karak highway !! Reach home at 11pm man !!!

Video of Ah B playing with Eric Pak Pak !!!

Was playing this 1,2,3 thing with Ah B and he loves it !!! Even without I say 3 he was just holding his neck back ready to go down lol Cute cute

My Bubbles Trip on Labour Day Weekend !!!!

After James and Libby visit, I went to Bubbles AGAIN on the thursday night, long weekend started on Friday till Sunday which is the Labour day weekend. Bubbles was fully booked for that weekend, lots of divers and snorkelers too..Me and Kenneth went to help out. We drove there, basically was him driving, I just sat beside and kept talking to him and singing lol We drove from KL to Kuala Besut thru the Gerik way, before we reached Gerik, it was so hazy suddenly for about 10minutes. Cant really see the road man, scary !!!

We left about this time with Kenneth's Kenari..

See how hazy was that !! It was about 2ish in the morning !!!

First picture of baby Kai-Jin !! More to come !!! lol

Only did one dive this time because so busy with divers that weekend, at Tokong Laut, strong current and this is the first time I use my new underwater camera, not really know how the result looks like. It came out not bad, I just need to get used to it and practise more !! lol Didnt sleep the night before because stayed awake during the journey and went for a dive once we arrived lol

Bamboo shark !!!

Razorfish !!!

See few of them during this dive..Scorpionfish !!!

My favourite fish, Yellow Boxfish !!! So cute !!!

Clownfish or people call then NEMO !!!

Scorpionfish, dangerous man !!!

Blue Ringed Angel Fish

More pictures in the next post..Stay tuned !!!

James and Libby Were In Town !!!

James and Libby came from Brisbane, Australia to Malaysia last April for about 3weeks, they stayed at Bubbles for nearly 3weeks then in KL for 3nights before flew back to Australia. Met Libby when I was working at Bubbles and she is really lovely, taught me lots of things as she was working in some hotels before. Get really close with her and she came back to Bubbles last year October with her friend to help us for the closing season. This time she came back with his youngest son, James. He is 12 this year and kinda like playful, love palying around, even though it was my first time met him, he seems like he knows me for a long time tho, hehehe..Had great time with them. And we went to the Roller Coaster in Times Square because James never been to any of it, I was like you really want to go, he said yeah. So I HAVE to go with him lol We even went for dinner at Chilis and they served huge portion of meals and I was so fulled from the dinner. Oh ya, and also foot massage, James loves it and he fall asleep as it was so nice and comfortable lol

My meal, it is not that big but we had some appetizer before this, so my stomach was huge after this meal lol

This is huge, isn't it !!!

There was about 10 of us at the dinner !!

Dan dan with James !!! lol

Me and James at Chilis !!! lol

New friends, Paul and Ellie..

Welcome to the kids playground !!!
James was crying at bit tho coz he scared !!

Me and James before enter the theme park..How cheeky was him !!!

It is quite high huh ???

He was playing this Bummper Car thing for 6times in a roll...

James was having the foot massage..

James love Malaysia and he told her mum that he wants to come back soon !!! Take care you both and see ya..Had a lovely time with you guys !!!!