Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Nike "Summerdelic" Fashion Show Part 2

These are some photos from the Summerdelic fashion show. Thanks Nike for the photos. Credit to the photgraphers :-D Enjoy !!!

Nike Summerdelic 2009 at Mid Valley Centre Court

More and more people !!!

The stage is huge !! Scary man lol

Rudy and Ean are the hosts !! Funny

Fellow models !!!

Anyone wanna challenge this ?? Well done !!

Sarah and Andy !!!

Arabyd in the house !!!

Cheerleaders !!! Nice job girls !!!



Serena C

Oh no !!!! It is my turn !! :-)

Trying to be cool

May be a bit too much

I think I am a poser lol


Nana, nice smile !!!

Juliana !! Cute right ??

Everyone partying on the stage !!